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    African Violet (White) 399

    These East African beauties come in a plethora of colours. They are compact and neat, making them ideal for a small, crowded desk.

    African Violets do well under fluorescent lights, but aren’t suitable for offices that don’t switch off lights overnight – they need at least eight hours of darkness to produce flowers. They come in several varieties which blooms in many colours, including blue, pink, red, white, purple, etc. Some types also have flowers with fringed edges and double petals. These dainty yet hardy flowering plants look great in hanging baskets, in a large planter with a variety of colours or in a single pot.

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    Haworthia attenuata (Zebra Plant) 450

    This clump-forming plant has dark green fleshy foliage with white stripings all across that resemble zebra stripings. Growing up to 2-8 inches with tiny, yellow flowers, it is one of the best indoor succulents.

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    Sempervivum tectorum 399

    It is commonly known as Houseleeks; this succulent grows in a cluster of the rosette. The main plant is known as the hen, and the offsprings around it are called chicks. These chick offsprings sprout their roots, becoming an independent plant.

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    Stromanthe Triostar 350

    Admired for their intricately patterned and deep-hued foliage, Stromanthe Triostar is a tropical houseplant that can add a modern flair to any space. This living art form is easy to care for and requires little attention – all while purifying the air!

    This eye-catching family of tropical plants is known for its impressive, colorful, foliage. Along with its vibrant leaves, you will love watching the leaves of your Stromanthe move towards the light—literally reaching for the stars as the light fades. The leaves are wonderfully offset by a deep red stem and leaf underside. Its leaves close upwards at night like other prayer-plants. Combine it with Calathea for an authentic indoor rainforest vibe.

    An ideal plant to add to your office, the Triostar Plant grows best in low to medium in-direct lighting; an excellent addition for your desk or perhaps a side table. Thriving in abundant humidity, Stromanthe should be kept in a space with a consistent temperature (19-27 degrees Celsius) and if you start to notice any brown or yellowed leaves, be sure to remove them to help promote new growth.

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    Three layer Bamboo Plant 399
    • Origin- Tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and Africa.
    • Three layers of Lucky Bamboo is said to be one of the most favorite number combinations to have in your home. It brings three kinds of luck to you: Happiness (Fu), Long Life (Soh), and Wealth (Lu).

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