Mistakes people make about indoor plants

There are some preconceived notions about indoor plants that are just myths. They aren’t true one bit. Let’s shed some light on them today and clear our doubts:

1. All plants need a lot of water to survive. (Myth)

Not true. Many plants can survive without water for a day or two.

2. All plants need a lot of sunlight. (Myth)

Not true. Some plants need to stay in the shade also.

3. All plants need maintenance, time, and attention. (Myth)

Not true. Some just need to grow at their will.

4. Some people think that they have to be confident about plants to keep them at home. (Wrong)

You just need to love them like your children to see them grow beautifully.

5. Most people forget about the roots of the plants. (Wrong)

They are the main organ of the plants. They have to be well-nourished for a plant to live long.

6. Excess of everything, such as water, sunlight, moving around, attention, is not healthy at all. (Please keep this point in mind!!)

7. Picking up plants randomly without knowledge. (Wrong)

Knowing the variety of the plant and the climate they will survive in can be very helpful in raising them.


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